A Matter of Motivation

‘Fitters Week’ – A Matter of Motivation

Whilst for many across the country it’s ‘Freshers Week’, marking the start of university and plenty of bad eating, excessive drinking and not-so-healthy habits – here at Bluestone we are proposing an alternative week for those dedicated to fitness and helping others get fit too. We call it ‘Fitters Week’.

So to mark our first annual ‘Fitters Week’ we’re looking into motivation. As new students will be feeling motivated by the start of university and a new life chapter – we look into how those training to be personal trainers can keep their own students or clients motivated through ‘Fitters Week’ and beyond.

Here are our Bluestone top tips for motivating your clients –

Find the fun –

If you don’t enjoy something why would you stick with it? Fitness Games or Challenges can be a great way to mix up your training sessions. We guarantee that bringing out the competitive edge in your clients will help them find the fun whilst also providing a sense of structure and some ‘bite-size’ goals to achieve each session.

Some of our favourite fitness challenges include –

Plank Challenge – see who can hold the plank for the longest or ‘beat the clock’ whilst testing strength and endurance in abs, back and core.

Wall Sit Challenge – similar to the plank challenge but for glutes, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings and adductor muscles.

Sally-Up! – This one is great for music lovers and those who enjoy a boogie… Set to Moby’s song flower, every time you hear the lyrics ‘Bring Sally Down’ it’s time to squat. Hold that squat until you hear ‘Sally Up’, then stand up straight and rest until you hear ‘Bring Sally Down’ – then repeat!

S.H.A.P.E –

Five magic letters which will also help to keep your clients motivated! Devised by our very own Head of Education, Jim Bryant, S.H.A.P.E goals are great for keeping your clients on track…

S – SHARE – Encourage your clients to share their goals and results with friends on social media. By putting the intention to change out there clients are bound to their commitments. This is a great way to keep motivated and use peer pressure to promote success. They might even inspire friends to do the same!

H – HELP – Remind them you are there to help!  Encourage them to ask questions, book in sessions and take advantage of your specialist knowledge.

A – Arrange – Suggest they get a training partner or gym buddy and arrange to meet them. If you they fail to keep to their commitment they are then not just letting themselves down, but their friend too. Okay, so that sounds quite harsh…. BUT… Studies have shown that training with someone keeps up adherence and motivation!

P – PLAN – Help your clients to produce a clear plan which is specific, effective and progressive. Re-enforce the importance of having a plan in place and that this is a vital part of achieving success. Be clear with them as to where they are on their route to success during each session and how it is aiding with their goals.

E – Evaluate – Encourage your clients to keep their own gym diary and record your sessions. This information is vital to ensure your clients understand they’re moving in the right direction. This information will tell you both when to progress training and monitor the adaptations their body is making. Record everything from weight to sets/reps as you never know when this information may be useful.


21st-century workout – there’s an app for that!

Why keep personal training in the dark ages? In today’s digital age apps are making everything easier – including motivating your PT clients! Apps mean both you and your clients can track their progress beyond your sessions. Through these apps, you can and monitor their needs, communicate and remind clients of their goals while keeping up the encouragement. There are hundreds of free apps available to help but the ones we most recommend include –

MyFitnessPal – A free online calorie counter and diet plan – great for tracking caloric intake and helping your clients learn nutrition facts for thousands of foods.

iMuscle – Need an exercise for a specific muscle? iMuscle’s anatomically correct model can help identify muscles and recommends a selection of exercises for each muscle. You can then track your client’s progress and they can share their achievements.

Strava – Ideal for runners and cyclists, Strava is a social network for athletes which will enable your clients to share their workouts, measure most performance metrics, join community groups, find new routes and more!


So, to wrap up our tips on the matter of motivation, there are four key themes they have in common – challenge, attainability, encouragement and reward. Incorporating these elements into your training will really help keep your clients motivated. Everyone has good days and bad days and your clients won’t always achieve their goals each session but providing these four elements consistently will keep them driven and inspired on their fitness journey.

Keep on motivating!