It’s Not Selling, It’s Connecting

The sale process makes for sweaty palms and stuttered speech for most trainers when, in fact, it should dial up a whirlwind of excitement to create a chance to become an agent of change for someone.

It all boils down to the interpersonal dynamics of building a relationship. By having a better understanding of people and their inherent personality traits, we can begin to use a technique of “jujitsu word play” to influence the outcome. The major mistake we make is fearing this pivotal exercise when we should really be fired up to take advantage of every single opportunity to get in front of someone and help guide them to living a better life.

The numero uno driver should be that these connections can serve as the only filter that our clients have to experience us through; therefore, it is crucial we create the most remarkable experience possible!

I’ll admit it; I am a podcast junkie. Dr. John Berardi had Martin Rooney speak at one of his conferences and recorded the speech and cast it in on his podcast, Precision Nutrition-The Complete Fitness Professional.  With the information from this podcast, and some tweakology that I threw in, I engineered a sales blueprint powered by behavioral science.

Without energy, YOU will be broke!” -Martin Rooney

Get fired up and aspire to inspire! Use these strategies during interviews and consolations with prospective fitness clients to connect with them and make a sale.

The Equation

Write the Equation Below on A Piece of Paper:

A + S = R

Then tell them, “You have the Ability and we will provide you with the Strategies to give you the Result you want.”

Scenarios: Take Notes After Each Question

Scenario A

Below are the personality types to use this scenario with.

  • Amiable (value personal relationships, helps others, values opinions, speaks slowly, leans back while talking, avoids eye contact, agreeable, and is generally in caregiver positions i.e. nurse)
  • Expressive (outgoing, energetic, friendly, speak and act quickly, leans forward while talks, can talk through stories, makes direct eye contact, and are generally in business type positions i.e. sales, marketing, public relations)

The Scenario:

The general goal is weight loss/muscle building/toning.

“Can you do me a favor and close your eyes and envision the perfect body you would like to have?”

  1. “What do you see?”
  2. “How does that make you feel?”
  3. “Why does it make you feel this way?”

“Can you keep your eyes closed for me for just a minute longer please? Can you point in the direction of true north?”

  1. “On a scale of 1 – 10, how confidant are you that you are pointing the right way?”
  2. “What about if I were to give you a compass?”
  3. “What if I told you that we were that lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition compass that has all the strategies that uses your ability to give you the very result you want?”
  4. “Most of us have tried to impact our health and accomplish our goals, but we did not have the correct strategies, so it is not our fault. However, now that we know they exist for us, it is up to us to act in using them.”
  5. “This action begins with our new member package and with this commitment you are making right now overcomes that no we tend to tell ourselves and we are going to empower you so that you have the confidence to say yes! Can we say yes today?”

Shut up and let them decide! The first one to talk loses!

Scenario B

Below are the personality types to use this scenario with.

  • Driver(action, goal oriented, results driven, uses facts and data, speaks and acts quickly, independent, disciplined, posture is rigid, powerful, controlled facial expressions, does not like small talk, and is generally in positions of power i.e. executives, lawyers, CEOs)
  • Analytical(organized, needs all facts before making decisions, needs to be right, accurate, precise, task oriented, serious, do not make direct eye contact, controlled facial expressions, and is generally in positions where they check data to make sure they are right i.e. doctors, accountants, scientists)

The Scenario:

The general goal varies in this scenario.

  1. “Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. (name), I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to visit our location.”
  2. “Did we meet your expectations?”
  3. “Given your successes in life, I am sure you developed a plan of action to get where you are today and falling short of remarkable is not an option for you.”
  4. “80% of the members who attach themselves to a trainer in our facility reach the level of personal fitness they want.”
  5. “I see you as an individual who overcame every obstacle and took all the necessary actions to make sure success is the only option.”
  6. “We have a menu of training packages available to satisfy the goals you have in our facility and all that is needed is that same level of commitment you took in becoming who you are a today. Which one did you want to begin with today?”

Shut up and let them decide! First one to talk loses!

Power Statements

Here are a few other power statements that can help close some of these sales.

  • Quick hitter: “I know sometimes reaching our fitness goals may seem difficult, but please do not confuse it with impossible.”
  • Quick hitter: “See, there is a gap between what we have and what we want. We are here to provide strategies to bridge that gap for you.”
  • Quick hitter: “We have created a fitness formula that has given our client’s the ability to achieve the level of success they want.”