Advanced Sports Massage Therapist
Level 4 Diploma

Qualification Overview

At Level 4, a sports massage practitioner’s role includes planning, providing and evaluating sport massage treatments to seek to correct common patterns of dysfunction, and/or pre-diagnosed injuries, using a range of basic and advanced massage techniques.

Course Content

  • Conducting Subjective and Objective Assessment
  • Provide Sports Massage Techniques to Prevent and Manage Injury
  • Treatment Modalities to Support Soft Tissue Repair

Entry requirements

  • The qualification has a pre-entry requirement of Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy or equivalent.
  • The learner must be fit enough to perform sports massage.

How is the Course Assessed?

  • Worksheets
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Theory assessments (multiple choice)

Future Employment Possibilities

Learners who complete this qualification can gain employment and insurance to work as either an employed or self-employed sports massage practitioner. They can work with both injured clients and non-injured clients, within organisations/facilities such as sports massage therapy/osteopathic clinics, and sporting/fitness venues. 

The qualification may be used to support access towards degree studies related to Sports Therapy and/or Sport and Exercise Sciences. 

The qualification is different from the YMCA Awards Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy since it qualifies you to work, as a sports massage practitioner, with injured clients. 

The scope of practice of a sports massage therapist with Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy is limited to applying pre-/post-event/maintenance massage on ‘non-injured’ tissue. 


  • REPs CPD points: 16

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