I.T for Digital Inclusion

Course Description

Course classification: Basic I.T, Digital inclusion
Entry requirements: 19+ Claiming benefits

A two week basic I.T course where a learner will walk away with all the necessary skills needed to apply for work.

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Gain the skills you need to:

  • Use I.T Equipment
  • Access the internet
  • Find cheaper online deals, such as Gas, Electric, Insurance etc
  • Access local housing Association and council service portals
  • Do online Job search & applications
  • Create documents
  • Utilise Social media
  • Be safe and secure online
  • And much, much more…..

Each candidate will receive a laptop completely free upon successful achievement of qualification

The course will include:

  • How to shop safely online
  • Setting up a job search email address
  • How to create a CV
  • How to use Skype
  • Better off calculation
  • How to use the JobSkilla website
  • How to use Universal jib match and send a CV
  • Online Banking
  • When this is for a housing association, how to navigate their page properly
  • U switch/ comparison website
  • Possible YouTube (ie Interview skills videos etc)
  • Ebay & PayPal
  • HABC level 1 personal development for employability (Contextualised towards I.T)
  • HABC level 2 customer service
  • HABC unit: I.T Fundamentals
  • HABC Unit: Using the internet
  • HABC Unit: Using Email

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